Glitch Edit

  • Begins in The Great Plains
  • Indicator is that the default buffalo event has upside-down buffalo
  • Another indicator is that the Day counter on the Message screen has an absurdly large number in it.

After the first wave of buffalo, the next scene will be an angry buffalo charge with very LARGE upside-down buffalo - three at a time, taking up the entire vertical area you can travel in.

Error: Unhandled Exception Null Reference Exception: Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object Edit

Your wagon idles on a screen where there is just a bunch of static, much like a TV with no signal.

EN;%$H IA1%NOW # "5U GB$ WJ► l'![$: C◄/H;IT Edit

This will end in the glitch boss fight, where it will spew blocks of nonsense images out as shots. After taking out the boss,the Glitch Wagon will be unlocked if you haven't unlocked it previously.

After defeating the Glitch Boss, the game will appear to restart, and your progress will continue afterwards.

Unicorn Edit

  • Begins in the Forest
  • Initiated by finding a Unicorn

Magic Field Edit

Randomly encountered while in The Forest, can be found by following the Unicorn. After following the Unicorn, you will get ambushed by unicorns running from the right side. A mini-boss fight with a dragon follows. Defeating the dragon will unlock The Fantasy Wagon.

Gust of Wind Edit

  • Begins after jumping over the river
  • Small chance to happen during the jump

Low Earth Orbit Edit

If you decide to jump the river, a gust of wind may pull your party into Low Earth Orbit. You will start out floating in space, doing nothing. Then you will pass through an meteor shower where you will be confronted by breakable meteors, and finally you will encounter an satellite, described as a "strange machine". It will fire radio waves out which will damage a person in your party by damaging their ears. After destroying it, you will unlock the "fast" wagon and fall out of Low Earth Orbit, landing in the opposite side of the river you tried to jump over days before.

Vortex Edit

  • Begins after the Fall event completes
  • Replaces the Final River sequence

Modern Edit

An alternate ending area. After being sucked into a vortex, the wagon emerges in Modern day, where "Strange metal wagons" (Which are cars) come at you at high speed. Afterwords "Bandits" in "White and black metal wagons" (Cops) show up to attack you. Killing them all results in them sending a Helicopter boss at you, before finally you leave the trail. Surviving this unlocks the Modern Wagon